Sep 24, 2016

~ lgas part 2

A few more photos from the Lauritzen Gardens Antique & Garden Show...

I thought this turquoise chest was fabulous from Nufangle Antiques...
 And everything on top!

Nufangle brought some outstanding things - Some enormous...

And some tiny...

Also at Nufangle...

But not for long! My SIL really wanted this, but it was already on hold for me... Early bird gets the worm!

Also got these cool fish from Nufangle. They are from Italy. I have been waiting since we moved into our house 15 years ago for something really different and special for this space. What a fun find!

This painting from Parrin & Co. was a big hit!

I could not resist this gorgeousness from Soloman Suchard. This pitcher was made to hold apple cider about the time Paul Gauguin was painting in Pont Aven ~ remember that post? That top part would hold the foam. We had apple cider at a Creperie in Locronan when we were just in Brittany! Had to have it.

I love it in my dining room with the collection of banister balls!

 Also scored this blue and white beauty from Soloman Suchard!

Beautiful tartan boxes from Lynda Willauer...

Need a Chanel poster?

Not as many photos today... I was busy today with the Alex Hitz Luncheon and the Jane Scott Hodges Lecture. Really enjoyed meeting them both, and hearing their stories. They really showed their true colors during the torrential downpour that occurred during their lectures ~ true southern charm, grace and humor! We were thrilled to have them as our guests in Omaha.

Can't wait for tomorrow. This weekend is so full of inspiration. 
Back to our regularly scheduled program (my trip to France) next week :)

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Jayne said...

Okay, you have me giggling today. Why does balister ball sound so wrong to me? Maybe because it is Sunday!
We always called them antique newel post finials. Never used the term ball or ballister! I guess you learn something new everyday! Havent been to an antique show in 2 years!!! Thank you for taking us along on your travels - beautifully curated visit!!!