Oct 15, 2016

~ bookshelves inspiration

After my personal shelving shift, I was inspired to share another post with ideas and inspiration for anyone interested in doing some rearranging. Thanks to Pinterest, this task is definitely doable.

This is probably one of the oldest images I have that still inspires me. Dan Carithers was definitely the most influential inspiration to me while building my house 16 years ago... I searched for a barometer like this one for years! Mine is hanging over a set of french windows in my living room. I always loved these bookshelves...

Someone suggested painting the back of my shelves green... I love that idea!

Love the light fixtures...

Again, the light fixtures!

This is probably the closest to what my shelves look like..

Always, always, attracted to color!

I wish I had paneling above my shelves. When I was building, I hadn't been exposed to enough to consider it... Mine look more like bookcases. At least I had the smarts to put lighting above, but I'd rather have the paneling as shown here...

Or shelves to the ceiling...

Lots of inspiration on Pinterest! Click here to see my entire collection of shelving pins..

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