Dec 13, 2016

~ tangerine holiday wreaths

Not putting up a tree this year has allowed me a bit of free time. I have read several books, and I have even spent some time on Pinterest. 

My obvious attraction to tangerines is heightened during the holiday season when they are included with Christmas greens and decor.

Lemons, kumquats, clementines, any citrus will do!

Love the pine cones!

I was so excited about a tangerine wreath, I asked Patricia van Essche of pve design to create a monogram for me... I just LOVE it! And I love her!

Whimsical and charming artwork is what you get with Patricia... Exactly what I love! Click HERE to read more about her!

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Sarah Waters said...

Love this post...inspires me to do something with the wire wreath form that is in the bottom of my one of my christmas boxes...If I make something I will send you a photo! :D xo

Marsha Splenderosa said...

I love this post also! I love the fragrance of all the citrus during the holidays (well, anytime really !!) The wreaths are actually beautiful in a very simple, lovely way. I love the leaves, whatever they are !! Merry Christmas, sweet woman !!