Dec 12, 2017

~ hillary update / whitefish window shopping

Well, Hillary is moving to Whitefish, Montana! I have posted about Hillary's whereabouts enough on this blog for most of you to know she is my daughter. Her apartment journey has been well documented for the last 7 years from Lincoln, Nebraska to Chicago. Never in my life did I think I would be posting about her moving to Montana!

If you are interested, you can see the evolution of her living situation through these past links. (See her Whitefish house at end of post!)

Lincoln apartment 2011 here
Chicago Hancock apartment 2013 here
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Moving on...
Whitefish is a picturesque resort town in the Northern Rocky Mountains of Montana. Glacier National Park may be what attracts people initially, but it's easy to see why they keep coming back. They most certainly fall in love with the breathtaking scenery, the charming ski town, and that crisp mountain air. Hillary loves all of the above, and also her boyfriend, who lives in Whitefish :)

Shopping is not necessarily an accurate representation of what Whitefish is all about, but when Hillary and I travel together, we shop. I'll share a few of our favorites below with links to their websites for more information.

First stop: Hunter & Co

We instantly fell in love with this adorable shop while casually driving by. The outside is as charming as the inside! This is the kind of shop you make a u-turn for.

Full of adorable home furnishings and decor...

Loved the elk salt and pepper shakers...

Hillary is dying for that pillow!

Can't wait to go back when Hillary moves in!

Next stop: Tate Ineriors

Such a beautiful shop in downtown Whitefish!

Next stop: The Bungalow

That hanging wreath!

Those topiaries!

Downtown Whitefish features several quaint boutiques, specialty stores, and some really delicious restaurants. I never got a good pic of Main Street while I was there, but here's a stock photo showing what it looked like for the Christmas Stroll on Friday night...

We found that darling tassel at The Village Shop ~ so cute!

Hillary's new Starbucks :)

Moving from Chicago to such a small town will require a few adjustments, especially the housing situation. 

This is Hillary's new house!

It literally looks like a storybook cottage!

The above pics are from the listing in warmer weather. Below are from the current winter weather... Still charming!

The white picket fence...

So excited to share her move-in pics! I can't believe she is moving to Montana! After almost 5 years in Chicago, and loving that city with every ounce of her being, she is definitely ready for a calmer, simpler way of life. 

 Stay tuned for updates!

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Dec 1, 2017

~ holidecor 2017

With the unseasonably warm weather in Omaha, we had no problem getting our Christmas wreaths out this year! I am still waiting on a couple pots to get filled with holiday cheer, but otherwise, we are all set outside.

I picked up a few plants at the grocery store, and although I am not a big fan of poinsettias, they sure are festive. I tried to keep them in the living room only, and used other plants and flowers everywhere else...

My good ole' kalanchoe plants are still my favorites!

These alstroemeria are leftover from Thanksgiving...

I adore red tulips this time of year!

Love red berries!

And here we go with the poinsettias...

Although I don't do a ton for decorating, I always bring out the stockings :)

I added the berries to this white poinsettia.. 

My college friend Elizabeth ~ @elizabethbeardesigns ~ has amazed me with her instagram account. She recently passed 10k followers! Anyway, she has posted a few times about her fiddle leaf tree, and I was inspired to try one myself. I love the large leaves. I'm not sure this spot is going to be sunny enough, but at least it will last me through the holidays...

A couple new ornaments awaiting the tree...

Red poinsettias don't work with my orange painting, so kalanchoes it is!

The brass Christmas angels are out...

The tree will go in the far left corner in front of the window. I'll move that chair to make room...

We will probably put up the tree this weekend. Remember last year I put up two trees? One in front of each window? Or was that two years ago? (Check it out below!)

Tree pics coming soon... Probably on my instastory! @thefrenchtangerine

Here are some favorite past holiday posts:

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🌲 Happy December🌲

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