Jan 25, 2017

~ family room update!

Remember the post about shifting my shelves? (here) The shifting was part of a design domino experience I have been intensely involved in ever since I got those charming Italian fish over the fireplace. I loved that they were so different, and they seemed like a perfect fit!

But then I thought they made the wall seem washed out... Something wasn't quite right. I redid the shelves, hoping that would help.

Although it helped, I was still unsatisfied. I thought maybe the fireplace mantel needed an update. When we built the house, I had the fireplace surround made to copy a very expensive limestone mantel I had seen in a magazine. This one is made of cement which is obviously more affordable. I had my friend, Andy Moore, Painter Extraordinaire, paint the concrete to look more like limestone. Totally did the trick for the last 17 years. 

Last summer, while visiting Paris, I noticed several marble fireplace surrounds, and I wondered if this might be a fun change. So I started researching mantels on 1st Dibs and the like, and found several marble mantels I thought were stunning... 

Unfortunately, they ranged in price from $15,000 - $40,000. 
So I called Andy Moore back :)

As I mentioned in my October post, I had to wait until he had free time. He called last week!!

He painted with browns and greys, and lots of techniques and magic tricks...

My favorite part was when he added the veining to look just like marble!

Close up of the veining... This guy is literally a magician, you guys.

But then we noticed the wall seemed really white, so now we are painting that a warmer color. That is happening tomorrow. The domino effect continues...

In other news, I restocked ivy from the grocery store. 
I sure do love ivy.

And these hydrangeas were a pretty addition to the dining room...

I will update this post with the new fireplace wall paint color! Check back to follow the end of the domino trail...

*~ UPDATE ~*

Ok! Andy Moore does not mess around. Painting project finished, and it is perfection. 

I was not kidding when I said subtle. It's almost hard to tell the wall is darker.. But it is definitely a smidge darker and warmer. And I love it so much, I kind of want to paint the walls in the entire room this color.. 

Snowball decorating at it's best, friends... The archways from my family room to my living room have rounded corners, so if I paint this room a different color, do I have to paint the living room too? I mean, it needs it desperately! But the point is, this started with the fish over the fireplace, and now I'm painting the living room. Oh boy...

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The French Tangerine

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Jan 21, 2017

~ laura ponts and mosaics

Remember the mosaics? My followers from back in the day will remember the mosaics. I used to spend hours putting them together with photos from Pinterest. Check them out here.

These days, I spend that mosaic-making time on instagram. I am so taken with Laura Lopez, (@lauraponts) and her sensational food mosaics. That's what I call them anyway... Laura is a food stylist extraordinaire, and I think I missed my calling. What a dream job it would be ~ putting together mosaics like these...

The above images are all from her instagram account. (here) Literally, each post is prettier than the last! Laura has a new book out, Arte Foodie... 

I just love the little masterpieces she creates with food. The color, the balance, the symmetry... they definitely bring to mind the mosaics I used to put together. And the banners! Hours I spent on these things... HOURS I tell you. 



I do love Pinterest. What a wonderful invention that was. I adore having access to such gorgeous imagery.. organized beauty at my fingertips!

And instagram has been such a great source of inspiration. I love sharing beautiful images!

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