Mar 13, 2017

~ home sweet home

Oh how I love vacation. I really, really love it. I particularly love going to Florida this time of year. I soak up the color of the grass and the sky and the flowers like medicine. Coming home to a grey sky, dirty cars, and dead plants can be a real downer, but I try to bring that inspiration home with me! I always head straight to the grocery store for the basics, but also a cart full of fruit and flowers and plants!

I am hibernating until it warms up a bit. I should clean out closets and drawers, but probably I'll stitch :) Stay tuned for a post on my needlepointing adventures!

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Cindy Weis said...

love seeing your beautiful home Jan, I know you are starting needle point, and I have been toying with the idea of starting, but have no idea how to do it, any suggestions? Can't wait to see your work. Keep warm and dry, we are expecting some snow here in Chicago tonight. Cindy