Mar 16, 2017

~ needlepointing

About two years ago, a friend of mine, who is obsessed with needlepoint, asked me to join her on a visit to our local needlepoint shop, here in Omaha. I thought it was so great! I bought two belts ~ one for each son. I could hardly wait to get started!

I never started. Recently, that same friend and I visited the same needlepoint shop, Village Needleworks. I was just there with her... not really shopping. But my eye caught a canvas, and I bought it, and I went on vacation, and I have been stitching like crazy!

I was so proud of my stitches, I sent pics to my needlepoint-loving friends...

The shop owners have assured me they will not judge the back. As you can see, I can be a lazy stitcher, but I'll get better!

Here's another canvas I want, also by Peas of Mind, also from Village Needleworks...

While in Florida last week, I took the opportunity to visit a darling shop, Needlepoint in Paradise. It was enormous, and a bit overwhelming for a newbie like me, but still fun. 

Look at the birdhouses to the left!!

There were multiple trunk shows going on with tons of canvases...

Room after room of fibers!!

Several unusual pieces...

Christmas cookies!

Christmas candies!

Plenty of Christmas projects...

It's fun to visit shops out of town, but I am very grateful to have our local shop, Village Needleworks close by. It's such a cozy and charming space. I could spend hours in there! I walk around and around, and every time, I find something new. 

I have just returned from a friend's house where I took tons of photos of her needlepoint projects. Some finished, some half finished, many not yet started. It made me think this newfound hobby is going to stick this time. I loved every single one! Wait until you see that post!

More on Village Needleworks coming up next!

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Sarah said...

Jan, welcome to the club of needlepoint stitchers. I've been a stitcher since I was a child. My basket is full of started projects and those yet to stitch. The finished projects were either given as gifts or are in our home as a pillow, ornament, standup, etc. You are going to have many hours of enjoyment with your stitching. Have fun!