Mar 26, 2017

~ spring flowers

What a special treat to receive a flower delivery! Kyle Robino never disappoints. In fact, she surprises me every time with some clever component in her floral arrangements. There's a darling little moss bunny in there, a couple of speckled eggs, and I especially adore those green poppy pods!

I was so inspired by this delivery, I made a few more floral additions to the house, all found at the grocery store ~ all in an effort to bring spring to my house.

There ~ See the moss bunny?

Always love the green ivy... If I can just keep the spider mites away!

Also have been enjoying these spring colored jelly beans!

Fresh flowers always make me happy. I love having them at home! Check out this beautiful cake from a wedding we attended this weekend. That pink ranunculus is huge!

Kyle Robino did the flowers for the wedding, and supplied the flowers for the cake.

I am very happy this month is moving along quickly... 
April is almost here!

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GRC_Ltd said...

Jan, love this post! I have a question that may sound silly--how are the flowers on the cake kept fresh? I know they must have been placed last minute, but did she use small water holders or just rely on their lasting a few hours?
I'm doing something similar for an outdoor engagement party in July (!!) in the South, and I am worried about wilting. Any ideas?
Thanks again for a fabulous post--French Tangerine is my guilty pleasure!

The French Tangerine said...

GRC_Ltd -- I am not sure about the cake. I do know that when I placed large roses in topiaries on my patio for a party, my florist used small containers for a single stem. They are small plastic tubes filled with water.. I think they are too large for a cake though. I bet these were placed just hours before the reception.. And they cut the cake first thing, so the flowers only needed to look fresh for a few hours.. Good luck with your party! XO