Mar 19, 2017

~ village needleworks

As promised, here is a closer look at Village Needleworks, a favorite Omaha shop!

My needlepointing friend, the one I credit entirely to my newfound obsession with stitching, is doing an Oh Henry candy bar for her son with the same name. I have another friend who has a special Clark in her life ~ She has to do the Clark bar!

 Lots of seasonal fun...

I adore that rooster below... Could I finish it before Christmas?

Fun Omaha favorites...

 This one would cheer me up in a jiffy...

I love these colors!

 How about these cuties?

It's very hard to stay focused on one piece. I have 2 belts I haven't started, plus my big project, and I just received a tangerine as a gift the other day. I was so happy to have a smaller project! I finished the tangerine in the afternoon, and started on the background in the evening... 

I'm going to have to find a balance at some point. 
I can't stitch all day every day! Or can I?
I just ordered four new canvases from Village Needleworks. 

Click here to visit the Village Needleworks website!

My next post will be showcasing some amazing personal needlepoint collections. 
Can't wait to share! 

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Joann Rull said...

Lovely items! Glad you also visited Needlepoint in Paradise!
Joann in STL

Sherry B said...

Beautiful needlepoint designs and lots of inspiration. I am just returning to stitching after years away and have been looking at needle arts blogs. I love every post of The French Tangerine and now how fun to see these new posts.

SherryB also in STL !!