Apr 14, 2017

~ poppy pods

I've become a frequent sharer of inspiration through instagram. In addition to sharing images publicly, I also send relevant photos directly and privately to my friends. I send needlepoint canvases to my stitch friends, gorgeous fabrics to my designer friends, and beautiful flowers to my florist friends. Instagram makes it so easy: Click the arrow, pick the friend, send.

I recently sent this photo of poppy pods to my good friend Kyle Robino, florist extraordinaire...

Of course, the next arrangement I received from her, there they were. I noticed and appreciated. I was so happy to see poppy pods in person!!

And so began the search for poppy pods on Pinterest.

Is it the idea of the bud that makes them feel like spring?

Or is it that gorgeous spring green color that draws me in?

How have I lived my whole life and missed these precious pods?

Could this be any prettier?

Perfection in nature...

I adore them!

My dad is Poppy to my kids... I have always loved that name. My friend named her darling daughter Poppy, and it threw me off for a while, but now I'm used to it, and think it could not be cuter. And now, poppy pods. Obsessed.

I love April!

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Sarah said...

Jan, your images are exquisite! I noticed yesterday that two poppies have bloomed among my patch of bluebonnets. Try as I may, I've not had success growing poppies, though fields of them grow wild around here. Happy Easter Weekend.