May 24, 2017

~ needlepoint update and a san francisco shop

Time for a needlepoint update!

Had a great trip to San Francisco last weekend with my daughter, with interviews lined up, and every intention of moving there. We fantasized about living in a city surrounded by such beauty. After viewing several TINY 300 sf apartments, for triple what she pays in Chicago, and after walking up a 90 degree angle hill to get to Starbucks for a quick pick me up, she decided that no, she would not in fact move to San Fran.. She is very happy about staying in Chicago. Don't get me wrong, we had an absolute blast! We saw Hamilton, partook in the delicious and nutritious restaurants, but it truly did not seem to be a very practical or realistic choice for her. 

I could not wait to visit Needlepoint Inc! I have admired their website online, and could not wait to visit their shop. I took lots of photos which I will share right after I update you on my personal canvas collection which seems to be growing quite rapidly.

First of all, how about this blue and white bowl of tangerines :)
(Look at the fly on the lemon!)

I adore this! Hillary says I've always loved Asian villages... haha.

I mean... darling.

I love the colors in this watermelon and cantaloupe pair...

Copied these from my friend with an amazing canvas collection...

Bought this on a whim.. Not as excited about it now, but I'm sure I'll be happy to pull it out someday...

Will make these front doors into ornaments...

I have quite a few ornaments to work on...

Remember this one? My first needlepoint this time around. I am moving right along!

Finished this one pretty quickly...

And this one as well...

And now for the photos from Needlepoint Inc!

I was truly amazed at the quantity and quality of canvases...

LOVE these dragons!!!

For the shopper in your life!

Check out these stacks!

This was my favorite thing. It is amazing and huge and gorgeous. 

 Can you even imagine?

Oh, hello there.

This one... 💜

I mean...

Hillary really wanted this one...

So, wow, right? Such a beautiful selection of needlepoint canvases!

You can visit Needlepoint Inc here.
I usually keep it local at Village Needlepoint here.

Happy Stitching!

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May 15, 2017

~ enjoying spring/ grocery store flowers

 I have been taking advantage of the great flower choices at the grocery store lately!

I beeline directly to the orange parrot tulips, whenever they are available!

I mean that is a pretty fancy find for the grocery store in my opinion...
(Acrylic tray in the shop here)

I also bought a collection of gorgeous caladiums at our local Hy-Vee last week. I think they are really fabulous. I hope they last a while!

This was a small arrangement at Whole Foods for $12! Loved the pink and orange-red!

Bought a new fern at the hardware store for $14!

And of course, ivy.

We spent Mother's Day weekend bringing out cushions and pillows for the patio furniture. We were lucky to have such perfect weather! I bought a few ivys to fill in some empty spaces, but still waiting to plant the big stuff.. . Will share when we are all set up, but here's a sneak peek...
Love this blue and white orchid pot - you can buy it in the shop here.

Love this container! I've had it for years...

Laundry room update:
The wallpaper has been delivered, and the installer scheduled. Should be done the week after Memorial Day. Can't wait to see how it turns out! I'll post asap! 


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