Jun 30, 2017

~ back hallway update

Spending money on a part of the house that is mostly only seen by our family is questionable. But I finally decided that we are the people living in this space the most, and I want it to be pretty!

This is the back hallway from my garage. There is a small coat closet with bins for coats, shoes, and such, to the left of the mirror, and the back bathroom is to the right of the mirror...

This is looking the other way to the door to the garage. That mirror is a hand-me-down from my husband's grandmother, and has been moved around from house to house, room to room.

I just purchased this gorgeous new runner online. I loved the blues and reds which work perfectly with the wallpaper in my back bathroom! It makes me so happy when I get home and walk in the back door :)

Could it be prettier?

Here, you can see the "bee wall" in the back bathroom...

This wallpaper is perfect for me because it doesn't show the million nail holes from the 50 different things I've hung in here over the past 20 years.

I tried to get a shot of the rug and the wallpaper close to each other, but that wasn't easy... I think you can get the idea though. It's red and blue.

I also had Andy Moore paint the cabinet a pretty blue :)

Here's a better shot of the wallpaper...

I'm squatting on the floor in the corner by the toilet to get this shot...

So this is looking one way from the end of the hall...

And this is looking the other way, towards the laundry room at the end of this hallway... 

I've been piling stuff on this bread rack for years!

And of course, the gorgeous new laundry room wallpaper!!

 I bought that bread rack and that darling stool at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique & Garden Show here in Omaha. Plus a couple small antiques on the shelves!

I have plans to hang this platter over the doorway at the end of the hall which will make me even happier when I walk in from the garage!

Won't it be pretty?

I was lucky enough to receive an email from a longtime reader recently, who knows my obsession/love for Ira Yeager. She had this pair of paintings and was looking to sell them. I adore them!

I bought this rug from a company in Atlanta, J & D Oriental Rugs. I found them on 1st Dibs, and then went to their website to really dig deep. I could find a rug for every room in my house. I love the colors with the brick floors...

So, although it may be extravagant to "decorate" the back hallway, bathroom, and laundry room, it is where we spend a lot of time! I really appreciate the update! I'm happy :)

You can find bees in my shop here.
You can find gorgeous antique rugs like this one here.
You can find out more about the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show here.
You can find the wallpaper here.

Other updates around the house...

Had these pillows made for my bed to brighten things up. I had gold check on the three large square pillows, and found this gorgeous discontinued Fortuny fabric to replace them... I think it's perfect!

As I mentioned in my instagram story, I am so sick of spider mites! If killing my ivy wasn't enough, I happen to be allergic to spider mites, and they really come around during the summer months it seems. Do you struggle with spider mites on your ivy? The last two I bought didn't last long at all... I begrudgingly bought something to replace the ivy, and to my surprise, I like it!

Now that the back hall is complete, I am moving on to my office space. I have already painted the ceiling a pretty light blue, and reorganized the shelves. Next, I need to cover the wing chairs, and I have a couple more surprises!

Stay tuned for updates in the future!
Have a fun Fourth of July week!

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David & Dianne said...

What a fun post! Everything is over the top as always. The rug is fabulous!! The bedroom, I really can't say enough about all you have done in your home! So happy for you (maybe a tad jealous) lol. 😘

Sarah said...

Absolutely you should make your living spaces beautiful. Enjoy the most used spaces! Your new rug looks great. We live with oriental rugs. They give a home character. I like the way you have styled the bakers rack. I added the shots to my Pinterest board. ;-)

Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing these new photos of your lovely home. The colors of the runner are fantastic! I am taking notes on how you styled your bakers rack, as I have quite a few of them in my home and on my covered patio. ( for some strange reason I seem to have a thing for collecting them lol!)Enjoy your weekend.

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin from The Dedicated House said...

Your back hall is lovely, but your bedroom is divine! Love the office ceiling as well. Thanks for sharing. Happy Weekend! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse