Jul 31, 2017

~ grocery store flowers / drapery for sale!

It's time for another edition of grocery store flowers. I am starting to realize that when it comes to shopping for plants and flowers, I have better luck than the average individual at the grocery store.

I buy kalanchoes almost every month :)

Remember I got rid of the ivy and tried something new? This new option still looks great!! Just dropped in a couple new kalanchoes!

Could not resist walking out of Hy-Vee with at least one ivy! They almost always have beautiful ivy.

This little number represents the remains of a larger arrangement from Whole Foods... Over a week old.

Although I struggle with spidermites on my ivy indoors, I have much better luck on my patio...

I always get comments about how lucky I am with my grocery store finds. I'm not sure if I'm lucky, or if I just spend more time in the floral section. I am not shy about pulling plants from a display if it's what I'm looking for! There are definitely some months when I have to search and search to fill all my empty containers.. But not this month :)


In other news, I am doing a little family room update. We are getting new drapery, a new sofa and chairs. I am so excited about the new fabrics!! 

However, I will miss this beautiful fabric on my current drapery. It's a discontinued Brunschwig & Fils as I remember. It has served me well. It was a perfect back drop to several different pillow scenarios, a beautiful neutral. 

I remember picking out that trim like it was yesterday... I still love it.

There are two panels...

I am reusing the wood rod ~ Painting it and getting new finials...

The two panels are for sale. If you are interested, please email me for measurements and price here! They are in great condition and I still love them!

*~ SOLD ~*

Can't wait to share the new! It's quite a process. We've still got some time to wait, but stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I think the supermarkets get a lot of turnover, so you end up with fresh plants and flowers.
Those orange pillows are wonderful amid the blue.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Agree with FranceTaste, the orange pillows make it so much more interesting & creative. But you know I love everything you do !!
The trim on the drapery panels is amazing, Jan. I would never have thought of that check on the sides, which is what makes it so AMAZING!
Sending love...

Victoria Benchley said...

I love how you continually update your home, keeping things fresh. It always looks like a lovely haven!