Jul 24, 2017

~ hillary's new apartment and chicago

Had the best time visitng Hillary in Chicago last weekend! I think her new apartment might be the cutest one so far. Not the best view, but definitely the most updated and new. 

She's got the same old stuff, but when you have a fresh, new  apartment, it looks pretty cute!

She has continued to add to her Jonathan Adler pillow collection... You can find them on sale every once in a while!

We found this cute coffee table at West Elm.

Love the sliding glass doors to the bedroom!

Table and chairs are from CB2...

I love the tile backsplash in the kitchen!

(That's her TV in the mirror...)

Color block rug is from West Elm...

The kitchen is not very big, but there's just enough space for everything. And! A washer/dryer is in the tall white cabinet to the left!  It's pretty much heaven on earth having a washer/dryer in the unit.

We walked all over this beautiful city! I was pretty active on my instastories... If you follow me on instagram, you'll see a few repeats here. If you don't, you can follow me here.

The neighborhood feel of Lincoln Park is sometimes a surprise to people who are unfamiliar with the area. It is as charming as it gets!
We stay downtown, so we love to walk to Hillary's apartment in Lincoln Park, and take in all the gorgeousness...

The plantings are immaculate and absolutely beautiful!

This is the corner of my favorite walk down Lake Shore Drive...

We look forward to seeing the new plantings each season. The tulips in the spring are my favorite!

I looked back at the Hancock Building this morning on my walk, and remembered Hillary's first apartment there. She has come a long way since then! This is her fourth apartment, and she is very happy in Lincoln Park. ..

Always enjoy a visit to Chicago!
(Hillary and I at Soho House Chicago)

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Gina said...

Gorgeous! Love it all!

Rebecca said...

Those pillows! Stunning.

Lisa said...

Congratulation to Hillary. She sounds like a very successful, happy young woman..Her apartment is so adorable, light and airy. I see her love for Jonathan Adler goes beyond pillows! So fun! She is your mini-me! I see your inspiration and good taste throughout her home - Props to MacKenzie-Childs! Good job, Mom! Best wishes, Hillary.

Khaki Moore said...

I LOVE when Hilary moves!! Such fun to see her taste in play.

pve design said...

Oh how lovely! Nothing like coming home to everything you love.

Sarah said...

Hillary has created an charming, comfortable abode. I love her pillow collection and the MacKenzie-Childs parchment pieces. That girl has great taste! '-)

therelishedroost said...

Such a fun space!

Panharith said...

Congratulation to Hillary.