Sep 18, 2017

~ shane connolly

I work on the speaker committee for the Lauritzen Gardens Antique & Garden Show, and after seeing Shane Connolly in Nashville a couple years ago, I knew he would be a perfect fit for our Show. 

Shane was our Saturday speaker this past weekend, and he was charming, witty, and brilliant. We adored him.

Upon arrival, Shane went to local gardens to cut flowers and such to use for his presentation. Next, he walked through the Antique & Garden Show and chose containers to fill. I am truly in awe that he was able to recall the cuttings, group them together in his mind, and then figure out which containers would suit them best... The final arrangements were remarkable. I snapped photos on my phone, and although I didn't get them all, and the photos do not do the arrangements justice, I wanted to share.

Shane put tomato plants in this beautiful collection of vases from Parrin & Co. Who knew flower arranging could be this simple?!

This lovely compote went home with my SIL!

This pair of wire baskets from Jayne Thompson Antiques was my favorite. I loved the use of cabbage! Shane added the taller flowers last, and said they were like butterflies fluttering above the arrangement. Such a clever one.

Loved the color combo of this beautiful blue Wedgwood pitcher with the lavender flowers.

Shane was taken with our landscaping in the midwest. He appreciated the textures, the shapes, the colors. It became quite obvious, Shane can find beauty in nature wherever he may be. He endearingly referred to several of his cuttings as weeds, and then he made them beautiful.

This collection of faience jugs filled with hydrangea and dahlias was wonderful...

This gigantic piece had apple tree branches, hydrangea, and quite a few other things including "road sidia" as Shane liked to call it. He's funny.

Shane's slide presentation, which preceded the floral arranging, was informative and educational. We were all smarter and happier after experiencing Shane Connolly. What a wonderful Saturday at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique & Garden Show! If you ever have the opportunity to see him, don't miss the chance. 

Click here to see my post from Shane's presentation in Nashville!

Read more about Shane on his website here

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Sep 13, 2017

~ lgas 2017 sneak peek

It's that time of year again friends! The Lauritzen Gardens Antique & Garden Show is here! I was lucky enough to preview the dealer booths before the Show opened to the public, and I'm thrilled to share the photos with you. Each year, several readers purchase something special thanks to these blog preview posts, and that makes me so happy! 

Before each collection of photos, I try to include the dealer and include a link to their website, if they have one. Remember, these photos are taken during set up, so many of the booths are not quite available for a photo shoot. I tried to include as many as possible, and there will be a follow up post with even more after the show... 

Of course, seeing all this beauty in person is the preferred way to go, but this is a nice Plan B. In fact, some years, when the Show has packed up and moved out, I am still finding new things in the photos and calling in a panic.. DO YOU STILL HAVE THIS CANDLESTICK??  It is a dream come true to have access to so many antique dealers, from all over the country, in one place. 

Here we go! 

No better way to start than with my dear friend, Thomas Fortner...


Trace Mayer Antiques

 Redefined Decor

Soloman Suchard Antiques & Fine Art
Really dying for these vases...

 Schorr & Dobinsky

The floral displays are amazing, as expected...

 Greenwald Antiques

 How about this gorgeousness from Barley Twist?


 Embree and Lake 

Can't wait to see this unpacked! 

 I can't remember where these were, but oh my... 

Jesse Davis Antiques Ltd 

Parrin & Co.

Arader Galleries

Morning Glory Antiques

Button Box

 Sheridan Loyd American Antiques

Loana Marina Purrazzo

 Jayne Thompson Antiques

 This pair of mirrors is stunning!

I am in love with these crabs! They hang from the wall and have an opening for flowers!

 The grounds are beautiful, as always! 

Mark D. Sikes will be interviewed by Sophie Donelson for the Friday luncheon. Mark inspired our blue and white theme for the weekend, and as you can imagine, it is gorgeous. 

Shane Connolly, florist to the Queen, is our Saturday speaker. I saw him in Nashville not too long ago, and he was so charming and entertaining. I was super excited to get details on Kate and Will's wedding, except guess what? He doesn't share royal secrets. Duh.
What a thrill to have him in Omaha!

There are lots of fun activities planned for the weekend, and you can find a full schedule of events here

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