Nov 29, 2017

~ new family room furniture

I have done quite a few family room update posts on this blog. The updates have included wall hangings, rugs, shelves, coffee tables/ottomans, accessories, lamps, fireplace mantels, and several editions of pillow updates. Most recently, I have posted the new drapery, and now, finally, the new sofa and chairs and ottomans.
If you are in the mood to go way back, I got a chuckle at this room from over five years ago. I've really come a long way! Decorating is such a process. The layers are what makes a house feel like a home.

here January 2012
here February 2012
here February 2013
here October 2014
here January 2017
here October 2017

A big thank you to Richard White, who helped me pull all this together. Very excited about this sofa and chair upgrade. The previous furniture has been loved by 2 dogs and 5 family members for almost 20 years. It was time to replace, but it certainly did the trick through the years with all the other updates going on. It was a great neutral backdrop for the multiple pillow scenarios. 😬

Kept this same ottoman - I still love that fabric!

I forgot to put the blankets and remote away for the photos, but this is how we live... 

I love the darker brown on the couch, and the pretty green on the chairs and ottomans. 

Just in time for the holidays! I am very grateful and excited to enjoy the new look this winter. I am so looking forward to stitching my needlepoint projects in front of the fire!

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Nov 26, 2017

~ thanksgiving table

I did not have a plan for flowers for this table. I literally went to Whole Foods a couple days prior, and bought the prettiest flowers they had that day. They happened to be fuchsia and burgundy, and they worked out just fine.

I also found these topiaries at the local nursery, and they worked themselves into the table as well..

I do enjoy color...

The placemats are my favorite and for sale in my shop... here.

Loved the new tiled frenchman, who joined us for dinner...

So happy to have all three of my kids home and one dog :) They travelled from Salt Lake City, Chicago, and St. Louis, plus my parents came all the way from Florida! The dinner was easy and so delicious. Success!

My family room furniture was delivered on Wednesday! That post will be coming up next...

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Nov 16, 2017

~ new fortuny in the house

This post was supposed to be about my new family room furniture. BUT IT'S STILL NOT HERE. Apparently, a shipping mix up. 

As annoying as that news was, it came with a special delivery that replaced the bad news quite nicely. I had a few cushions covered with a gorgeous orange Fortuny, and this unexpected substitute delivery will certainly tide me over until the highly anticipated family room furniture arrives next week.

I had a sample of this Fortuny Persepolis in bittersweet and gold for what seems like forever before finally ordering.

I don't think it could be prettier with the bullion fringe on my drapery. That fringe was one of my favorite things Richard White ever found. I'm happy to have Richard White, who still helps me with design projects now and then... He also picked out that chair 18 years ago, and was the cheerful and handsome deliverer of these gorgeous cushions!

Since there is a minimum order for Fortuny fabric, I also covered this little side chair I bought a few years ago at an antique show. I've had that little pillow - also designed by Richard White - for 18 years. I can't decide which chair to put it on!

My new family room furniture is supposed to be delivered next Tuesday, but I'm not going to hold my breath. To be honest, as long as I know it's coming, I am happy to wait. Stay tuned...

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Nov 6, 2017

~ link deli

I get emails regularly, asking me about an image or a product from a past post. It makes me so happy to know people are still finding inspiration from a post I can barely remember writing!

Searching on google is one way people find old posts. I also have my blog archive listed in the sidebar chronologically by year and month. But the categories in my side bar are the the most convenient way to access past posts on my blog. I used to use a service called inlinkz to store and organize my posts by category. It was a tedious process to upload the posts and coordinating links, but I loved the idea of people enjoying my old posts, and it was worth it. Inlinkz recently changed hands to linkdeli which just about put me over the edge. It's the same exact idea, just a few different options, and an unexpected headache. (Some of my images didn't transfer, I can't choose a matching font, and the thick white borders are required ~ all of which drive me and my OCD crazy..) 

Anyway, all this inspired me to remind readers to click the categories. 

The categories with links are always in my sidebar, but I am including them below in hopes you might do some exploring. You can click on the category links to get to an entire page of similar posts. For example, if you get excited about an inspired home post, you can see all the inspired homes I have ever posted in one place. If you are looking for some holiday inspiration,  just click on the inspired holiday category for a full page of posts! If you are looking for some color in your life, try clicking the inspired color category!

Always hoping that I might provide some inspiration...

Happy November!

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Nov 3, 2017

~ monogrammed napkins for sale!

Remember these?

I've blogged about these monogrammed napkins many times. The picot edge is my favorite, and I have this style in several colors in my personal collection.

Different monogram, but same picot edge...

I don't know which I love more...  the color napkin with the white edge and monogram, or the white napkin with the color edge and monogram

Carolyne Roehm may have started the viral interest in this particular version of a linen napkin and monogram...

I have received tons of emails about the picot edge napkins, and when I saw the source at NYNOW a few years ago, I wondered why not sell them myself! (Sometimes I have to think about things for a while before following through...)

This vendor also sells beautiful placemats...

Please drop me an email and let me know if you would like to place an order for picot-edged, monogrammed napkins, or any of the placemats you see here. For the napkins, I can email you color options, and rest assured, pretty much any color you can think of is available. I also have options for monograms, although this is my favorite, shown above in several images...

The placemats are 15" square and are priced at $48 each.

The napkins are $38 each, and the monogram is an additional $28 per napkin. I realize this is quite an investment, and I don't have any recommendations on how to make it feel better. Somehow, I push through the pain of ordering, and when they arrive, the feeling is immediately replaced with one of elation. 😬

*The monograms typically take about 8 weeks, but we are quite close to the holiday season, and they are already backed up. The monogrammed napkins would not be ready to ship until at least a couple weeks after Christmas.

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