Nov 29, 2017

~ new family room furniture

I have done quite a few family room update posts on this blog. The updates have included wall hangings, rugs, shelves, coffee tables/ottomans, accessories, lamps, fireplace mantels, and several editions of pillow updates. Most recently, I have posted the new drapery, and now, finally, the new sofa and chairs and ottomans.
If you are in the mood to go way back, I got a chuckle at this room from over five years ago. I've really come a long way! Decorating is such a process. The layers are what makes a house feel like a home.

here January 2012
here February 2012
here February 2013
here October 2014
here January 2017
here October 2017

A big thank you to Richard White, who helped me pull all this together. Very excited about this sofa and chair upgrade. The previous furniture has been loved by 2 dogs and 5 family members for almost 20 years. It was time to replace, but it certainly did the trick through the years with all the other updates going on. It was a great neutral backdrop for the multiple pillow scenarios. 😬

Kept this same ottoman - I still love that fabric!

I forgot to put the blankets and remote away for the photos, but this is how we live... 

I love the darker brown on the couch, and the pretty green on the chairs and ottomans. 

Just in time for the holidays! I am very grateful and excited to enjoy the new look this winter. I am so looking forward to stitching my needlepoint projects in front of the fire!

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Cindy Weis said...

Jan, I LOVE the new furniture, everything is just perfect, classic and so inviting. Amazing job, and I am sure it will provide you years of a wonderful place to relax after a long day.

gme said...

Love the new furniture! Your home is beautiful. One question, my kitchen backsplash is very similar to yours and I'm wondering how you hang the plate on it. Did you still a hole for a nail?

The French Tangerine said...

Gme- I drilled a hole right in the stone tile!!! XO

gme said...

Sorry, I meant to say drill.... I hate autofil. Thanks for responding, I don't know if I have the nerve to do that right now but I really want to hang something over my range. Maybe after a couple glasses of wine.....:)