Nov 26, 2017

~ thanksgiving table

I did not have a plan for flowers for this table. I literally went to Whole Foods a couple days prior, and bought the prettiest flowers they had that day. They happened to be fuchsia and burgundy, and they worked out just fine.

I also found these topiaries at the local nursery, and they worked themselves into the table as well..

I do enjoy color...

The placemats are my favorite and for sale in my shop... here.

Loved the new tiled frenchman, who joined us for dinner...

So happy to have all three of my kids home and one dog :) They travelled from Salt Lake City, Chicago, and St. Louis, plus my parents came all the way from Florida! The dinner was easy and so delicious. Success!

My family room furniture was delivered on Wednesday! That post will be coming up next...

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Julie said...

What local nursery did you find those topiary? So Bunny Mellon!

The French Tangerine said...

Julie, I found them at Mulhall's.. I go there frequently and always find something interesting.

David & Dianne said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving at this beautiful table with this beautiful family.