Dec 1, 2017

~ holidecor 2017

With the unseasonably warm weather in Omaha, we had no problem getting our Christmas wreaths out this year! I am still waiting on a couple pots to get filled with holiday cheer, but otherwise, we are all set outside.

I picked up a few plants at the grocery store, and although I am not a big fan of poinsettias, they sure are festive. I tried to keep them in the living room only, and used other plants and flowers everywhere else...

My good ole' kalanchoe plants are still my favorites!

These alstroemeria are leftover from Thanksgiving...

I adore red tulips this time of year!

Love red berries!

And here we go with the poinsettias...

Although I don't do a ton for decorating, I always bring out the stockings :)

I added the berries to this white poinsettia.. 

My college friend Elizabeth ~ @elizabethbeardesigns ~ has amazed me with her instagram account. She recently passed 10k followers! Anyway, she has posted a few times about her fiddle leaf tree, and I was inspired to try one myself. I love the large leaves. I'm not sure this spot is going to be sunny enough, but at least it will last me through the holidays...

A couple new ornaments awaiting the tree...

Red poinsettias don't work with my orange painting, so kalanchoes it is!

The brass Christmas angels are out...

The tree will go in the far left corner in front of the window. I'll move that chair to make room...

We will probably put up the tree this weekend. Remember last year I put up two trees? One in front of each window? Or was that two years ago? (Check it out below!)

Tree pics coming soon... Probably on my instastory! @thefrenchtangerine

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🌲 Happy December🌲

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Jayne said...

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I adore the match strike,

Rebecca said...

Tell me you've written a decorating book--full of photos just like these - and that I've simply failed to come across it!

You have such an eye for detail, collecting and displaying the most beautiful items in a most pleasing way...It's always a joy to visit your site. (I don't "do" Instagram. I know I'm missing out on some real gems, but I have to draw the line somewhere, LOL!)

The French Tangerine said...

Thanks Jayne! I can sell you a match strike - they come in different sizes and colors and are from England.. GORGEOUS! Message me if you are interested.

Rebecca! Thank you so much - what a compliment! I do not have a book, but my blog serves as somewhat of a digital book :) I usually try to repeat some of my own photos from instagram on my blog, but there are definitely some images you are missing by staying away from instagram.. but I totally understand! XOXO

Charlotte Des Fleurs said...

Hi Jan, I LOVE your blog, especially your home which appears to be a Jack Arnold design. My son and his little family moved from Southern California to Missoula, Montana about 3 years ago. Personally, I could not handle the snow but they seem to love it. Whitefish looks VERY interesting. The little boutiques are amazing.

Smiles from Charlotte Des Fleurs