Mar 19, 2018

~ when one door closes...

This isn't a post about a door closing in my life only to have another, better opportunity present itself. No closed doors over here, just a clever title.

I have just organized my highlight categories on my instagram profile, (follow me here) which is exactly the kind of thing I like to do: organize photos into categories. It is what I do on this blog. It's what I do on Pinterest. (follow me here) I actually gathered a collection of door photos I had posted on instagram, and was ready to add that category on instagram, and then I realized that subject matter might better be served as a blog post.

So here we go! A blog post of front doors... (not my first!)


The above and below definitely get me excited for spring!!


The door isn't really the gorgeous part about this photo, but the entrance is outstanding. I actually took this pic with my phone at a hotel we stayed at in France a couple summers ago... Was happy to run across it again!
I would like to replicate this exact door and attach it to my house.

This is a Jack Arnold home very similar to mine. 
I only wish those were my front doors!
I think it's the floral part of this front door that is important, but wow!

Aren't they all wonderful? My front door is in need of a facelift. Squirrels, or some other rodents, have chewed the corners at the bottom of the door as if they are trying to dig their way in. The dark green paint is 20 years old, faded and dried out. I just don't have the energy to think about planning a new look. Instead, I have spent my time organizing photos of doors... 😬

*All photos are from past instagram posts where each photo is credited. Usually Pinterest..

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Barrie Seifert said...

Your whole website is soooooooo pretty!!!