Apr 20, 2018

~ table art omaha

Last year I participated in Table Art, an event benefitting the Omaha Symphony. The money raised at Table Art allows the Guild to continue its support of the Omaha Symphony's outstanding music education programs. My dear friend asked me to attend this year, and was concerned I still had PTSD from last year's event. LOL. I got such a chuckle over that. I fretted over that table more than I should have. (see it here) Although it completely stressed me out, the table turned out quite beautiful...

Anyway, this year was a lot less stressful for me, and there were lots of beautiful tables to photograph!

I did not have the opportunity to record the designer of every single table I took photos of, but I hope it's ok that I share all the photos. I included the names of the designers I remembered.

This table was stunning. I felt like it was fit for the Queen!

Creative Fleurs / Lilian Jacobitz

Flower Girl / Kyle Robino

Loved the layers at this table!

Look at those chairs.. so charming.

Jackie Kroeger & Aaron Carlson


Flower Girl/Kyle Robino

Dying over these salad plates!

Vanessa Barrett

Hy-Vee Floral

The dog themed table was a big hit!

The luncheon this year featured guest speaker Mary Jurek, designer of fine tableware and home products. Of course I loved that bowl filled with tangerines.

Visit Mary Jurek Design to see more of her designs.

Congrats to the Omaha Symphony Guild for another inspiring and successful year of Table Art!

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Apr 13, 2018

~ needlepoint inspiration

My friend Amber, who works at our local needlepoint shop, Village Needleworks, graciously agreed to let me photograph some of her personal needlepoint collection. I've heard about it for years. Seems like every other canvas I admire in the shop, I hear, "Oh, Amber stitched that.."

Well, now I have seen with my own eyes, and can confirm, it's true!

The light pouring in the windows was like shot of happiness, kind of like Amber is. Natural sunlight is sometimes not a friend to photographs, but I wanted to share how inviting and warm this room was. I love the light fixtures in the vaulted ceiling! And the light blue walls are to die for. 

I immediately began shooting the needlepoint pieces, and they were not hard to find.

Loved the clementines on her coffee table!

The most amazing collection of needlepoint? 
The dining room chairs. 

Amber is a speed stitcher. This collection of needlepoint canvases would take many people a lifetime! I'm not sure I could take this kind of a project on. She finished the entire set in about 18 months.  Each one is so very special.

Regular visitors choose their favorite flower, and everyone knows where to sit.

Also? This is the kind of person Amber is. She wonders what the dining room might look like painted violet, so she paints the dining room violet. She is a DIY wonder in my book.

Another framed needlepoint in the dining room...

Can you even believe?

In the kitchen...

I mean what a fun piece! I have another friend who is stitching this rooster in all blue and white patterns. 

This rooster is one of my favorites. Love the green!

Great artwork throughout the house, and that candy caught my eye...

All needlepoint...

A pillow collection representing places they've travelled.

These are newly framed and hung. I adore them! 
From Elizabeth Bradley...

There are charming vignettes throughout the house... 

This cutie is in her closet...

She found this scarf at a sale, and used it for the back!


I was so inspired when I left Amber's, I went directly to Village Needleworks in Countryside Village. They were having a Birds of a Feather trunk show.

I want this so bad. But what to do with it? Frame it for a child's room? I have no grandchildren planned in my immediate future...

This! Remember my favorite piece from Amber's? Well, here it is!

And the mention of tangerine really gets me excited...

Wouldn't they be a cute pair?

This is such an addicting hobby. 
Thank you to Amber! What an inspiring morning!

Village Needleworks is in Countryside Village in Omaha, Nebraska
Click the logo below to visit their website.

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