Apr 20, 2018

~ table art omaha

Last year I participated in Table Art, an event benefitting the Omaha Symphony. The money raised at Table Art allows the Guild to continue its support of the Omaha Symphony's outstanding music education programs. My dear friend asked me to attend this year, and was concerned I still had PTSD from last year's event. LOL. I got such a chuckle over that. I fretted over that table more than I should have. (see it here) Although it completely stressed me out, the table turned out quite beautiful...

Anyway, this year was a lot less stressful for me, and there were lots of beautiful tables to photograph!

I did not have the opportunity to record the designer of every single table I took photos of, but I hope it's ok that I share all the photos. I included the names of the designers I remembered.

This table was stunning. I felt like it was fit for the Queen!

Creative Fleurs / Lilian Jacobitz

Flower Girl / Kyle Robino

Loved the layers at this table!

Look at those chairs.. so charming.

Jackie Kroeger & Aaron Carlson


Flower Girl/Kyle Robino

Dying over these salad plates!

Vanessa Barrett

Hy-Vee Floral

The dog themed table was a big hit!

The luncheon this year featured guest speaker Mary Jurek, designer of fine tableware and home products. Of course I loved that bowl filled with tangerines.

Visit Mary Jurek Design to see more of her designs.

Congrats to the Omaha Symphony Guild for another inspiring and successful year of Table Art!

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Marsha Splenderosa said...

Amazing creativity showing up here. The Budda and the Beads is beautiful, and I love the "doggie" themed table. Your's is beautiful, as always. What fun, Jan. I have done this in the past, but now in Houston it's only the professionals who are invited to decorate tables, making it more like a shopping event, however beautiful they might be. Big hug !!