May 18, 2018

~ around the house

I am getting less and less interested in the decor in my house. I'm not ready to throw in the towel, by any means. I'm referring to the obsessive kind of interested, where I think about it 24/7, walk around the house and stare, and pout when I can't do everything I want. 

But every so often, the obsessive interest makes an appearance... Maybe it's spring fever? After all, the sun is shining, I'm craving color, and there are flowers and plants at the grocery store. Before I know it, I have a trunk full of color, and I start moving things around the house.

I used to have these glasses on the buffet behind the dining room table. But I moved them over here... I still love that tray, for sale in my shop. (here)

Also added this weird green plant. No idea what it is, but I love the green!

The banister ball collection that was on the commode in the dining room has moved to this little tiered table in the living room...

Love this blue hydrangea from the grocery store...

I recently got this stool for sale from Nufangle in KC. She posted the sale on instagram and I jumped on it! I love instagram!

This collection of small boxes was on the tiered table, so I moved them to the coffee table. This may be my favorite collection I own.

Finally cut some lily of the valley from my yard. I've been documenting the gorgeous bed on my instagram stories...

That azalea plant has been blooming for weeks! The linen coasters are for sale in my shop. (here) I adore them.

More grocery store plants and flowers...

I love orange tulips with blue...

My daughter sent me this rose that lives for a year for Mother's Day. You can't water it or take it out of the box. Magic and chemicals? It smells divine! (Venus et Fleur)

I am thinking of selling those crystal match strikers in my shop. They are so special, but pretty pricey. If you are interested in them, please email me, (here) and I can special order. I have another one above in the family room with the azalea plant. They come in three sizes and a multitude of colors and designs. They are gorgeous.

There are some more of the linen coasters sitting on the plates...

I can't believe how many emails I received asking about the puppy I "almost" bought last weekend! Here is the pair of Bernedoodles we were considering. Not for us! For our daughter. We decided it best to find one closer to Montana. They were awfully cute though!

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May 15, 2018

~ sunday drive

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We went for a Mother's Day drive through Dundee and Fairacres. After commenting on several houses, I whipped out my camera and took a few photos. I do love looking at houses ~ especially in the spring when everything is green!

There's the pink door I wondered about a few posts ago!

I stitched, relaxed on the patio, ate some delicious meals, almost bought a puppy, decided it was time to cut some Lily of the Valley, and watched several episodes of Shameless. Good Lord! I've heard about it for years, and finally started. Excited about visiting Hillary next weekend in Whitefish! 

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May 10, 2018

~ lauritzen gardens & elizabeth bradley

I love it when an opportunity presents itself to share my passion with others. In fact, it's exactly what I do on this blog. And it's just how this one-of-a-kind event came to be... A special group of enthusiastic and talented women put their heads together and planned a unique gathering, stitching together two of their passions ~ needlepoint and the Lauritzen Gardens Antiques Show.

Let me start by saying this is one of my favorite homes I've ever been in. But more importantly, I adore the people who live in it. 

You know you are in for a special treat the second you enter this charming home... 
The entry is spectacular!

There are beautiful antiques perfectly placed throughout the home, many of which were purchased from the Lauritzen Gardens Antiques Shows of the past 15 years...

It was truly a perfect spring day, and the most delightful setting to showcase eight one-of-a-kind needlepoint pieces. Each piece was locally stitched and donated by many contributors including Village Needleworks, Ginger's Hangup, and a handful of stitchers who love the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show! These pieces will be auctioned off at the Show in September, unless they are purchased at a Buy it Now price beforehand. All proceeds will go to the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show!

Kyle Robino helped set up for the day and ordered these adorable stitch-themed cookies...

Let's take a closer look at the Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint pieces for sale...

Violets & Roses, from the Floribunda collection, is stitched in Victorian Cross. It's finished with a gorgeous Rose Cumming Sabu Linen.

This Mini Bloom Anemone measures 9"x 9" and is framed in a high gloss, dark blue, birds eye maple frame.

This darling 9" Louis XV style carved footstool is finished with a canvas from the Blooms collection, Blooms Cornflower. The footstool features handpainted accents by a local artisan, Andy Moore, to enhance the color palette of blues and purples.

Kyle's flowers were stunning...

This little Mini Bloom Dahlia (SOLD) was hand stitched by yours truly, and is finished with a darling high gloss, striped, inner fillet frame.

I think this one is my favorite of the bunch. Remember Amber? From my recent needlepoint post featuring the Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint dining room chairs? (If you missed it, it's worth going back to see, here) Amber stitched no less than three of the pieces in this collection, and this is one of them. Chelsea Eccentric Garden was finished as a box pillow with the iconic Brunschwig & Fils Les Touches fabric. 

This was a party favorite.
Dutch Tulips (SOLD)from the Flower Pots collection measures 20"x 20" and was made into a darling tray! 

Rose Posy is from the Repeating Roses Collection, and is paired with a fun leopard print fabric... Beautiful pastels on a black background. SOLD

Poppy and Butterfly, (SOLD) another 9"x 9" Mini Bloom, is framed beautifully... I adore the butterfly.

The speakers for the 2018 Lauritzen Gardens Antiques Show were discussed, and their books were all available for purchase. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Show, and our featured speakers are Miles Redd, Steven Stolman, and Matt Stamp. 

Village Needleworks set up shop in the kitchen with Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kits for sale. 

Look how cute. I bet Kyle had something to do with this...

I had not seen this one before... I just love it!

More beautiful antiques from the Lauritzen Gardens Antiques Show!

Loved every detail...

I just recently re-discovered a passion for needlepoint, and it has been such a rewarding addition to my daily activities. My love of antiques remains strong thanks to our beautiful Lauritzen Gardens Antiques Show each September. How sweet it is to be a part of this inspiring community of fellow stitchers and antique lovers, and to share the excitement with all of you. 

💜 To find out more about the Lauritzen Gardens Antiques Show, visit their website here.

💜 To order Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kits, Village Needleworks would be happy to assist. You can email them here. Visit their website here.
💜 If you are interested in purchasing any of the needlepoint pieces you see here, please email me here.

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