Jun 27, 2018

~ nantucket

We recently spent a week in Nantucket for a wedding celebration with some dear friends. You may remember me posting a needlepoint project on instagram for this event. I saw this canvas maybe a year ago, and I remember thinking, if Katie gets married, it will probably be in Nantucket, and I'll do this for a wedding gift.

 And sure enough... She did, and I did.

We stayed at The White Elephant, which was so great. 

We walked every morning, and as usual, I drove my husband crazy taking photos every 3 steps. How could I not? Everywhere you look, there is a photo waiting to be taken! 

Greydon House is a gorgeous new boutique hotel we had heard about in town. We ate lunch there after a walk one day and enjoyed it so much, we took our friends back the next day. Seriously delicious...

GH for Greydon House...

We walked and walked, rain or shine. 
Here are some pics from a sunny day...

And here are some pics from a rainy day...

The wedding was about the most charming I've ever been to. I may or may not say that after every single wedding I go to, but seriously, just walking down the cobblestone streets to this church feels very special. After the ceremony, the guests line the pathway on their way out. The bride and groom walk down the center with smiles, church bells ringing and the classic rose petal toss. 

The setting for the reception was absolutely stunning, held at their beautiful home...

With all the excitement of vacation and wedding and Nantucket, I didn't plan ahead regarding my phone battery. Luckily, I took photos as soon as we arrived, because you guys, MY PHONE DIED at the reception. In hindsight, it's probably better this way, because I could have/would have taken photos and videos all night. All I can tell you is the band was amazing. The food was amazing. The tent was amazing. The whole thing was amazing.

Desperate to share a glimpse of the evening, I've tried taking screen shots on my phone from my instagram stories, which I posted early in the evening pre-battery death. 



We took this photo from the beach at the end of the night. You can see part of the dinner tent up on the tennis courts to the right. 

A truly unforgettable night!


Katie, the bride, wrote and co-produced the new Netflix movie, Set it Up, and it came out the night before her wedding! You may have seen it advertised on the back cover of People...

A classic rom-com with a contemporary touch...
Watch it on Netflix!

Funfact: Zoey and Glen were at the wedding!

I love Nantucket!

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