Dec 28, 2018

~ exterior holidecor

Oh dear. I just found this post that was never published, and what a surprise to see such festive decorating! As I mentioned in my "holiday" post this year, I was somewhat uninspired to decorate for Christmas. Traveling does not lend itself to watering a real Christmas tree everyday. Anyway, I have really impressed myself with these photos from past years. I hope I will be back in business next year?!

I miss having these triple topiaries in front. Loved the ribbon this year!

And this ribbon!

Here's the year I tried purple eucalyptus...

Oh wow. I don't even remember having those oranges! I think they are fake, but don't they look charming? I'll have to see if I can find those.

I wish I would have seen this post in November. It's a little late now! I will have to remember to refer back next year to get myself in the mood...

I'm heading to Florida soon to work on the condo and will be posting some updates. Looking forward to warmer weather...

Happy New Year!

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Dec 20, 2018

~ aptware for sale

As many of you know, my obsession with aptware is one of the main reasons I opened my shop online. I made it my mission to find it and sell it! I have since found several vendors and have fulfilled oh so many orders. It is still fairly hard to find in the US, and we often have to wait extended periods of time, and deal with translation issues, shipping issues, and so forth, but dreams have come true for many happy customers.

It all started with this image from Carolyne Roehm. I loved everything about this table, but the aptware really stood out. I have posted and referred to it many times. I can also special order those monogrammed napkins if anyone is interested. 

Looks like Aerin also has a set of these beauties!

Barry Dixon posted these pics from Thanksgiving... Love it in brown!!

Charlotte Moss had it in yellow...

I've been posting my aptware orders in my stories on instagram, and as you can see here, I recently had quite a few orders to fill!

I still have about 24 dinner plates, and 12 salad plates in brown. This brown has a touch of blue in it, and it's the prettiest I've seen.

I love how every single plate is a work of art and slightly different.

I also have a set of 12 dinner plates in this Marbleware. It is similar to aptware in technique, but the clays are more loosely combined. This comes from a different vendor in France.

And here is the coveted blue. I have about 12 dinner plates left, and possibly some salad plates... Still waiting for confirmation from a customer who is still deciding.. 

Orders can take up to a year(!) depending on the size of the order. I  feel very lucky to sell some of the vendors I have access to. It is such fun to assist people when they find out about aptware, and have to have it. I CAN RELATE!

Please message me if you are interested in any of the pieces I currently have in stock, or if you would like to place an order.
 Would love to hook you up!

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Dec 14, 2018

~ minimal christmas decor

You guys I'm not putting up a tree this year, and I'm having serious ornament envy seeing other people decorating their trees! But still, I am ok with it. It's going to be fine. I've convinced myself of this. 
This is a post sharing my minimal Christmas decor.

The kitchen/ family room houses most of the items that made it out of the Christmas Box this year...

I love this gingerbread man tray from our dear family friends. We keep our family Christmas cards in it from years past...

 The living room has white poinsettia and stockings...

I did more outside decorating than inside this year.
I forgot to put greens over this stone piece!

The dining room looks festive enough...

Those green plants were brought in from my patio at the end of the summer.. Still going strong!

Having fun playing with colors for my Christmas Eve table. I'm definitely not doing red and green. Maybe blue and purple and green?

Or orange and blue and green?

More poinsettia in the hallway...

I love seeing the lights outside in the mirrored doors...

And out on the patio...

And on the windows...

So that's it. I'm excited to figure out my table and I'll share that after the fact.

I have a new vendor in my shop and I think these trays are just darling! They come in blue or green and are $125. Click here to shop!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season! 

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