Oct 16, 2017

~ fall inspiration... a little late

My fall decor this year consists of a lone pumpkin on my front door step. However, I recently managed to spend some time on Pinterest, and now that I am totally inspired to decorate, it's a bit late. So I will post my inspiration here, and perhaps reference it next year with plenty of time to follow through!

(I may or may not have said this last year about this same time.)

This is one of my favorite images from Instagram last year. From Southern Living... Talk about fall decor goals!

 I just love a planter stuffed with color...

Not sure I would have chosen that palm, but everything else here is sublime...

I adore the fall foliage framing the charming brick steps. And the crooked gate.

Pretty Pink Tulips posted this recently on Instagram, and I reposted immediately. This is my planter goal for next year!

Hope you are enjoying the crisp fall air!

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Oct 12, 2017

~ decorating with books

This photo from a past post reminded me how much I love decorating with books. I love that color coordinated stack!

I have an unusually large amount of books in my home. I was just visiting my mom in Florida, and asked her if she had gotten the new William Yeoward book, Blue & WhiteI just bought it and think it is amazing. 

My mom said she couldn't fit one more book in her house. (Yes she could..)  I get what she means, but I continue to buy the newest inspirational design books! 

I love this colorful collection of Barefoot Contessa cookbooks in my kitchen...

I enjoy the art of putting stacks together that make sense to me...

I love this collection of round boxes on this stack of books...

I love the pastel colors in this stack...

Yes, these are all in my house. This is alarming.

A lifetime of collecting really shows up in these images! Although I knew I had plenty of books to photograph, I didn't realize just how big of a role books have played in my decorating until I uploaded the pics to this post.

I have an entire page of inspiring book images on Pinterest... here
I just love these stacks arranged by color...

My friend has a darling space in her home with children's books arranged by color. It is so charming! I'll try to share a pic on Instagram some day...

I have had great luck mixing new, favorite design books, with deeply discounted books from the clearance table. You'd be surprised what you can find in the sale section at bookstores. Sometimes, I am just looking for the color of a binding, or a pretty cover. They are not always read from cover to cover...

Something about the crisp, fall air, makes organizing books sound like an exciting activity! 

Happy October!

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Sep 18, 2017

~ shane connolly

I work on the speaker committee for the Lauritzen Gardens Antique & Garden Show, and after seeing Shane Connolly in Nashville a couple years ago, I knew he would be a perfect fit for our Show. 

Shane was our Saturday speaker this past weekend, and he was charming, witty, and brilliant. We adored him.

Upon arrival, Shane went to local gardens to cut flowers and such to use for his presentation. Next, he walked through the Antique & Garden Show and chose containers to fill. I am truly in awe that he was able to recall the cuttings, group them together in his mind, and then figure out which containers would suit them best... The final arrangements were remarkable. I snapped photos on my phone, and although I didn't get them all, and the photos do not do the arrangements justice, I wanted to share.

Shane put tomato plants in this beautiful collection of vases from Parrin & Co. Who knew flower arranging could be this simple?!

This lovely compote went home with my SIL!

This pair of wire baskets from Jayne Thompson Antiques was my favorite. I loved the use of cabbage! Shane added the taller flowers last, and said they were like butterflies fluttering above the arrangement. Such a clever one.

Loved the color combo of this beautiful blue Wedgwood pitcher with the lavender flowers.

Shane was taken with our landscaping in the midwest. He appreciated the textures, the shapes, the colors. It became quite obvious, Shane can find beauty in nature wherever he may be. He endearingly referred to several of his cuttings as weeds, and then he made them beautiful.

This collection of faience jugs filled with hydrangea and dahlias was wonderful...

This gigantic piece had apple tree branches, hydrangea, and quite a few other things including "road sidia" as Shane liked to call it. He's funny.

Shane's slide presentation, which preceded the floral arranging, was informative and educational. We were all smarter and happier after experiencing Shane Connolly. What a wonderful Saturday at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique & Garden Show! If you ever have the opportunity to see him, don't miss the chance. 

Click here to see my post from Shane's presentation in Nashville!

Read more about Shane on his website here

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