Jul 11, 2016

~ patio 2016 and nest update

Still have not received all the pieces to the patio furniture puzzle, but I've decided to go ahead with an update... We are close enough!

The daybed was the most significant update. I had all the pillows already, and love the fact that this is undercover. I have plenty of cushions and pillows to bring in/cover up for bad weather already...

Love the orange and blue combo. I used to have a butcher's table here...

Butcher's table moved here...

Furniture stayed the same on the lower patio...

I still have a pair of chairs and another ottoman coming, but I love how those blue and white garden seats look! They are from my shop, here.

Blue and white garden seats here

See the gardenia tree from my friend for my 50th!? Love it!

The tangerines at the bottom? She is the smartest!

Inside, I bought a few new plants to spruce up...

Love the view of the patio from the living room...

Remember the robin at the front door?
Babies hatched!

They are always hungry!

The babies cry for food and completely wear themselves out. They hang over the side like they are about to die... Cracks me up!

I know the feeling. I've been out of town back to back the last two weekends. I'm so happy to be home on my patio!!

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Jul 5, 2016

~ slc house tour

Just spent the most wonderful holiday weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah!

While the boys were busy doing their thing, I took a drive around my favorite neighborhood and took pics for a post.. I love the way these homeowners take such care. It is obvious they love their homes and their neighborhood!

Beautiful trees line the streets...

Love the patterned brick here!

The surrounding beauty in this city is breathtaking. Driving to meet the boys for dinner, I took pics of the mountains out the car window. Literally out the front window from inside the car. lol.

Side window.

We love visiting Salt Lake City/Park City! Everywhere you look, there are picturesque mountains. Hiking, fishing, skiing, climbing, and a myriad of other outdoor activities are right outside your door.

Fly fishing is definitely a passion for Brookes... Check him out!
(pics from here)

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Jun 19, 2016

~ patio part two and a nest

Over the past couple weeks, I have watched a robin build her nest, from start to finish, inside the second ball of the topiary on the far right. Although she spilled a few twigs, and some mud and grass, she has constructed a sturdy and safe nest for her beautiful blue eggs.

She doesn't seem to mind when I'm sitting... 
I've even recorded her in action. 
Coming and going...

When I go out to water, I forget about the mom and her nest. But when I get close, she reminds me she is there.

She flies out at me and tells me to leave her alone and get away from her eggs.

I tell her not to worry. I'm only watering the plants, and then I'll leave her be...

A couple weeks ago, I stood on a chair and saw one egg. My husband peeked the other day and saw four eggs.

Mama Bird has become much more protective lately... 
Maybe there will be baby birds in time for Father's Day!

I tried to get close enough to get a pic of the eggs, but I don't want to disrupt.. 

Lots of potential boxwood homes!

While watering the front porch the other day, a bird swooped at my husband. Then he saw the nest by the front door...

He carefully removed the beginnings of a nest ~ twigs and grass ~ to avoid future confrontations between Mama Bird and any visitors coming to our front door.

Except I just looked out the front door window to make sure she didn't come back...

She came back alright.

 Major nest.

Better birds than wasps?

Happy Father's Day!

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