Aug 20, 2016

~ l becker flowers

After checking into our hotel, we ventured out to explore the city. I've had on my list for some time to visit a shop I found online. Years ago, in fact, while searching for aptware, I found a beautiful platter in this charming online shop, L. Becker Flowers. It has been one of my favorite purchases of all time. I adore it! 

 You can see it below in several vignettes in my hutch...

The shop is tucked down a street, nestled in, almost a secret...

I knew this was the place when I saw that square chandelier... Have you ever? 

The shop is quite small, and filled with beautiful finds ~ each with a story and chosen with care.

The plates below are a set of 12 ~ one for each month of the year...

Loved these round boxes with inlaid tortoise and mother of pearl...

Apparently Martha Stewart used to frequent the shop and chose glassware and such for photo shoots. I can see why. Every single thing is interesting and special, and sits in a perfectly curated vignette. She also bought a similar square chandelier to this one for her home in Connecticut. I love a good story!

Visit the L. Becker Flowers website here.

I am happy to report that Hamilton is the most and everything. 

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Aug 9, 2016

~ what's in the box?

One of my very first entries on this blog was a post about my love of boxes. My fascination with tea caddies began in college, when I first started visiting antique shops. But the obsession extended beyond antiques when I set out on a quest to decorate my first home...

This box is new. New ~ as in not an antique ~ but I've had it for years. I bought it at a local furniture store to fill bookshelves...

I bought this tea caddy as a wedding gift for my husband almost 30 years ago. I'm not sure why I thought this was a good idea at the time. I think I was trying to impress my new in-laws. Anyway, we're still married, so it must have been good luck!

I bought this box for husband as well! For an anniversary. Good thing he likes boxes too :)

This is one of my favorites... I love the date on the front!

I have a particular passion for round boxes...

I'm sure I don't need another box. Interesting though... I haven't had a problem finding a spot for each and every one I have! 

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Aug 2, 2016

~ scenes around the house

Finally, a post! After receiving an impressive amount of emails and texts asking where the heck I've been, I received a message that finally got my camera out of hiding. This reader requested that I just walk around my house, snap a few photos for the blog, and post. That sounded simple enough. ..

You guys, this acrylic tray is one of my favorite things in my shop. I have this smaller size, as well as the larger size. 

I am a collector through and through.  (See MacKenzie-Childs glasses above..) I have mixed several collections below including majolica, vintage MacKenzie-Childs plates, french pottery, and aptware, for a gorgeous green and gold display. 

It's easy for book collections to get out of control.

From the kitchen, looking out to the patio...

Most of this french pottery is for sale in the shop!

Here is the larger acrylic tray!

I can order this gorgeous aptware for you from my amazing vendor in Apt, France. I am excited to meet her in person very soon!

More aptware...

Some of my bees in stock :) They are so fun!

I don’t really have any groundbreaking excuses for not posting a lot this summer. Except maybe social media…

You see, a trip to the grocery store for flowers used to inspire an entire blog post, but instagram seems to have taken the place of that photo sharing. I also find myself posting pics from trips and shopping on instagram, both of which used to be blog-worthy subjects. I used to spend time going through vacation photos, and putting blog posts together, but today, an instagram photo seems to do the trick.

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Also? I finally figured out snapchat. I resisted, but now that I’ve discovered the filters, there’s no turning back. I found a list of snap stars to follow, and I’m officially addicted. If you can get past the creepiness of feeling like you are stalking strangers on an unusually intimate level, you can get more than a glimpse of the adorable Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, and their precious little baby, Luna. Khloe Kardashian’s workouts are insane! Plus I’ve got a couple girlfriends who send me super funny snaps that I wish I could share, but of course, they are gone forever. My kids basically communicate through snapchat, so it’s a great way to see their adventures… But the filters!

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Pinterest is out of control! I do absolutely nothing but “pin” my favorite things into categories, and I have almost 10k followers. I have no idea how that happened.

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So anyway, thank you to the reader who took the time to offer this basic blogpost suggestion. I can certainly walk around my house and share photos… And it makes me grateful and happy.  

For those who are wondering, I will be in New York and France in the coming months and will most certainly have some amazing blog posts to share!

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