Oct 23, 2014

~ fall decor

I snapped these photos after the dealer dinner party a few weeks ago. It was nice getting my patio October-ready so early in the season.

We enjoyed those roses tucked in the topiaries for days! 

Pretty soon it will be time to put the cushions away for winter...

Here's a shot of my kale from last year... very purpley!

This year's kale... not as much purple, but I still love it.

Unusually large kale!

And a few October accents indoors as well...

Happy Fall!

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Oct 19, 2014

~ tft tablescape: october

I literally can not believe it's October.  I must admit, I had a hard time getting inspired for this table. In the end, I remembered the Gien plates with leaves, and they were perfect.

I rediscovered these bowls when I recently saw them at DeVane's in Winter Park. I've had mine for years and they fit in nicely with this table. The center bowl is the same line. ..

I've had those mosaic votives forever and can't remember where I got them...

The napkins are from Number Four Eleven... I love the two toned monogram!

The tortoise glasses are from Material Possessions in Chicago, however there are lots of affordable options like this one.

As I said, the Gien salad plates served as the inspiration for this October table. I believe this pattern is discontinued, however I have seen them on Etsy and eBay. The white plates are from a trip to France. The flatware is from Material Possessions in Chicago.

Although I wasn't feeling inspired when I started this table, I was totally in the spirit by the end!

Happy October!

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Oct 16, 2014

~ devane's

Just back from a very quick trip to Winter Park... This trip was not my typical Winter Park visit. Normally I am consumed with shopping, dining and pool time. This trip's central focus was moving my brother and his family of six to their new home! However, we were able to make a stop by DeVane's on our way to the airport. A great shop and a special treat meeting the charming shop owner.

I actually own a set of these bowls. I special ordered them in Chicago a few years ago. I was surprised to see them and would have bought them again if I didn't already own them. I love the shape! I can't wait to pull them out when I get home... Perhaps they will appear in my next tablescape...

Dana Gibson is the perfect addition to any gift and accessory shop!

This pig reminded me of my smaller versions I found at MacKenzie-Childs. I fill mine with M&M's and even flowers.

Remember these? Ginny's Orchid's had green and orange and tan. Love the blue!

Local artists are represented throughout the shop...

Loved these candles!

I've featured Eva Gordon's work in several posts... Love her!

Although I missed making my regular stops, it was fun to be with my family, even for moving day. Plus, DeVane's is officially added to the shopping list... 

TFT October tablescape coming up next!

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