Jul 24, 2014

~ shopping in winter park

What fun we had on a recent family visit to Winter Park, Florida! Shopping is always on the list, and I managed to get a few photos at two of our favorite shops…

First stop, Ginny's Orchids

Dana Gibson!

Absolutely fell in love with these gorgeous ceramic containers from Italy...

What a thrill to see Harrison Howard's new work!


Couldn't settle on which color to choose...

Beautiful displays!

I adore that garden seat. If I buy another garden seat my husband will divorce me. For sure.

Bought these darling spiky bowls...

My mom went nuts over the magnolia wreath ~ It's treated with shellac so it will last!

Next stop, Interiors 

 Loved these pieces!

I posted a pic on instagram of this fab blue fabric… 
Love the swivel chairs!

Charming beach paintings...

Bought this. I'm such a sucker for pottery!

Of course the best part of the trip was being with my family... the shopping is just a nice perk. It was super hot and humid and I'm sure I was sweating the entire time I was there. We came home to more super hot and humid! Ick.

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Jul 21, 2014

~ magnolia hall

I recently posted this gorgeous image on instagram... #regram 
(from Margaret Russell)

It features the enchanting facade of the guest house at Magnolia Hall in Savannah, and it's stunning!
You know I love those tangerine geraniums!

I was so taken with the photo, I googled Magnolia Hall to see more, and was thrilled to find a few seasonal variations of this incredibly charming entry.
Love the pumpkins!

The charm of the ivy on the steps and the moss on the brick? So wonderful and not easily replicated...
UPDATE: I've had several emails correcting my reference to ivy... It's creeping fig! Thank you to my super smart and observant readers!


I mean it's worth planning a trip to Savannah!
I do love it there...

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