Sep 15, 2014

~ decorating with fruits and vegetables and a winner

I was recently inspired by a gorgeous Carolyne Roehm table (I know, I know) with tomatoes and basil as her centerpiece, and I actually tried the idea myself ~ tomatoes and kumquats, and the most luscious colored grapefruit. I'm definitely a fan of using produce for table decor. 

Citrus is always an easy choice. Here are some nice examples of fruit used in decor ~ lots of lemons and tangerines plus a few other fruits here and there.

(all images above from Pinterest)

I've been decorating with produce all summer!


And the winner of the Walker Valentine giveaway is…

* In case anyone is wondering, I had about the same number of emailed entries as I did comments.. Some bloggers only count actual comments on the post, but I did count both ~ over 100 comments and emails combined! That's a lot for this blog, but it still gives the commenter a great chance to win. Congrats Deb!

* I have used a random name generator online before, but for the last couple giveaways, I just number the comments and emails as they come in and then I choose a number.. much easier than plugging in names! Thank you Deb for including your email! 

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Sep 11, 2014

~ walker valentine giveaway

We have another giveaway!

Thank you to Walker Valentine for providing this very special giveaway. Valued at over $300, the winner will choose between: 

A. A pair of monogrammed cosmetic bags ~ one large and one small
B. A monogrammed jewelry case and a monogrammed cosmetic bag 

Here are some gorgeous samples of their monogrammed pieces...

I have posted about Walker Valentine several times, constantly drawn to their gorgeous monograms and fine quality merchandise. And I'm proud to have them as a sponsor in my sidebar...

Walker Valentine does Trunk Shows in select cities across the US… Check with them to see if there is one close to you.

One of my favorite monograms!

To enter this giveaway, please visit Walker Valentine's website here. Then come back and leave a comment sharing one of your favorite monograms. Winner will be announced on Monday.

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Sep 8, 2014

~ antique tapestry

I have been doing some research on antique tapestries. I love how they immediately add old world charm and richness to a room. Pinterest makes it easy to collect and organize my current interests.

A tapestry is the perfect thing to warm up this large scale stairway. 

Love the tapestry here against the white walls, and that ceiling is fabulous! The use of antique tapestry is repeated on the chair and the pillows, and it works for me in this space... Somehow it's not too much.

However, I prefer the mix of an antique tapestry with new pieces... in a modern space even. Although I love the mixed use of tapestry above, with no hint of anything from this century, I live in Omaha, Nebraska, and I'm afraid that look wouldn't have the same appeal in my house. 

I adore the use of the heavy tapestry with the unexpected blue check on the chairs below... 

Love the use of tapestry on these pillows... with that silk flange.

One of my favorite rooms... the blue and white collections are gorgeous with the tapestry...

Blue delft pieces ~ gorgeous!

Another tapestry in the stairway ~ beautiful!

And another...

Gorgeous flowers pull the colors right from the tapestry...

Totally soft and muted...

This is one of my favorite images... The tapestry over the table is spectacular, and the orange tulips are fab...

Look how the tapestry adds warmth to this modern space...

This is one of my favorite designs using an antique tapestry. The unexpected bright colors, that modern lacquered red table, the bright yellow, those flowers! I love everything about this room. Except the peach walls. That I don't understand... Maybe it's just the lighting in the photo?

Here's another use of a beautiful blue and white collection with tapestry...

Blue and white in front of a lovely tapestry from the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show here in Omaha. I bought the blue and white chargers...

And my sister-in-law bought the tapestry. Here it is in her living room, with her own blue and white pieces.

I love it when the perfect piece is found for the perfect space...

Interesting how they wrapped this tapestry around the corners...

Although I prefer a tapestry against a light wall, this green is awesome...


The blue pillows are perfect...

Behind a desk ~ I love this idea!

Although I am interested in selling my tapestry shown below, if I can't find a buyer, I may try it behind my desk!

One of the prettiest I've seen for sure..

The problem is I went a little overboard with the tapestry idea in this small space. The rug, the large tapestry pillows on the couch, and the tapestry on the wall ~ too much. Discipline and editing are not my strengths in the decorating department. I'm very attracted to things that serve as focal points in a room! 
Anyway, this room was starting to feel like an antique shop. Although there are worse things, this space needed to lighten up, something to make it feel younger, an added touch of whimsy...

The perfect opportunity to purchase another Ira Yeager painting! And get new pillows! (Coming up soon in a family room update post..)

In the mean time, this stunner is for sale!

Please email me if you are interested in this beautiful tapestry (here) I bought it from Keivan Woven Arts through 1st Dibs. It is quite large measuring 5' 6" tall and 6' 8" wide. I am willing to sell it for an extremely discounted price, however it is still an investment, as is expected with this type of antique.

Check out this post for antique pillows! here

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