Nov 20, 2014

~ danielle rollins, veranda, borsheims, roberto coin, lauritzen gardens

The longest title ever for a post, but each constituent played a part in this amazing dinner party. 

Danielle Rollins, as a contributing editor for Veranda, collaborated with Borsheims and Roberto Coin to host a lovely dinner party right here in Omaha...

The  sparkling event was held at the new Conservatory located at Omaha's Botanical Center, Lauritzen Gardens.

Stunning jewelry including necklaces and bracelets, earrings and rings, were incorporated into the lovely floral centerpieces...

As usual, Danielle looked darling and was in her element placing the jewels just so...

Danielle Rollins called on Kyle Robino ahead of time to have everything ready for her arrival. Here they are working their magic!

This necklace and bracelet combo really got me... that's a whole lot of diamonds!

The glass conservatory allows guests to experience the lush gardens year-round... What a spectacular addition to the beautiful Lauritzen Gardens!

I was thrilled to see the conservatory in person for the first time. And what a treat to spend time with Danielle. We had a delightful lunch and I am truly in awe of her ability to work on so many projects at once, all the while maintaining her graceful composure and looking fresh as a daisy. I left in the afternoon while she was still working on the tables. I came straight home, exhausted, got in my PJ's and read my book (The Andy Cohen Diariesby the fire. She stayed on and worked, changed into a sleek black dress, and looked like a movie star for the evening!  The Roberto Coin diamonds certainly helped complete the look.. She is a real talent and a true beauty ~ I can not get over her porcelain skin! Just adorable I tell you.

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Nov 17, 2014

~ eggplant

Eggplant is my current favorite. Not the food, the color. I seemed to have discovered this color late in life. Call it eggplant or merlot, plum or burgundy, I LOVE this color in all it's variations.You may recall seeing this image in my recent Tory Burch obsession postThis monogram sparked a bit of inspiration for my Thanksgiving table. Problem: I have too many options when it comes to my Thanksgiving table inspiration...

But for now, eggplant. 

Why hello there eggplant Birkin...

Isn't it just the epitome of fall? 

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