Although our trip to Nantucket did not go as originally planned, with a great group of friends, we ended up having a wonderful time. We are such fans of the island!


In addition to blue and pink and green hydrangea, which are literally everywhere, the landscaping is absolutely gorgeous, and there are window baskets and planters aplenty. It was a floral fantasy! We walked to this little market from Sconset beach one day, and this bouquet was at the checkout counter.

Here is a slideshow showing some of the flowers and plants seen all over! I fell in love with the twirly leaves that are in so many of the planters. They are called Begonia “Escargot” and here’s a link to see more images of the variety.

What I notice every time I’m in Nantucket is the charm everywhere you look. Not just the storefronts and the houses, but even the gas station and the bank are charming. The hardware store is charming. You get the idea. I will do a series of posts and try to categorize the multitude of photos I took. This one is shaping up to be the charming floral fantasy..


This window box is outside a storefront, and you can see the brick paved sidewalk.


Here’s an example of the hydrangea that line almost every house, building and structure…


In fact, here is the same porch shown a few images back, but with the hydrangea in front…


More hydrangea…


Check out this masterpiece…


Window boxes and hanging baskets are everywhere and they are incredible!


Look at the little lighthouses on the shutters below!


This is just a random side street so you can see what I mean about charm everywhere… Love the topiaries!


I will leave you with a sneak peek of the next post, which will feature more of the houses.

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