The skills required to turn down a set of charming linens for the table are not my strongest, and as a result, I have developed quite a collection.

The tabletop section of my shop is also indicative of my affection for beautiful table linens, and has developed nicely since it opened in 2015. I’m excited to share a few new things coming to the shop from a favorite vendor.

These hand stitched topiary dinner napkins are what I like to call an investment. They might be the prettiest I’ve ever seen! I just want to set a table with these as soon as possible.


How about these little tangerine topiary cocktail napkins? I about died over these.

tangerine topiaries.png

Adore these little yellow blooms and the blue trim!

yellow blooms.png

And these topiaries in blue and white containers are pretty sweet..


The above pieces will be added to the shop soon. If you are interested in ordering right away, feel free to email me. The bluebird cocktail napkins below, from the same vendor, are still in stock and are definitely favorites. (here)


These coasters are also in the shop from a different vendor. They are made to order, and ship from Italy very quickly. I also keep a few sets in stock.

La Gallina has several shapes and colors to choose from in coasters as well as placemats. All are easy to wipe off after each use. Love these navy placemats.


I have also ordered sets of these napkins with monograms for several clients.


Here are some examples showing the monogram and different colors…


And of course this old favorite image from Carolyne Roehm…


if you are interested in ordering any monogrammed or hand stitched napkins for the holidays, now is a good time to start thinking about it. I apologize for referencing the holidays. I know it is only July 30, but you know how it goes, before we know it, it will be November!