As a rule, organizing drawers and cleaning out closets are things I am naturally obsessive about. For this reason, I’ve had an I don’t need no Marie Kondo attitude about all the recent hype over tidying up. For the most part, if you open a drawer in my house, it is going to be pretty organized by most standards. Probably even a step above normal.

But for the last couple of years, I haven’t been as on top of my game as I have been in the past. I used to pride myself on the 2 week purging period that would happen every summer. But for whatever reason, I’ve skipped a couple years. So recently, I’ve really wanted to dive a little deeper into the organizing process, Marie Kondo style. My three kids are all moved out of this house, and yet their bedrooms were still full of stuff. I had plates and napkins, as evidenced in my recent instagram stories, that have surpassed the normal amount for normal humans to own.

Luckily, on July 10th, which was my birthday, I woke up and I was in the mood to go beyond the normal cleaning and organizing situation. I started upstairs, moved to the laundry room, then the family room and kitchen. I did not shower. I did not eat. I did not change out of my pajamas. I was in the mode, you guys. After all, IT IS MY FAVORITE THING! My kids kept calling me for my birthday and asking what I was doing. They understood, because they know me, that their worst nightmare was my birthday fantasy. They were happy for me. My husband came home and wondered what I might want for dinner, but I was too engrossed in the organizational process to think about dinner.

I went through every cabinet, every closet, every drawer, and every space you can think of. I took everything out. The house was a complete disaster. I continued into the night. (I did have a birthday hotdog, if you are worried :) It was the best birthday ever!

The aftermath of all this cleaning produced a virtual garage sale that I advertised on instagram. I posted about 35 items in my shop under a new category, My Garage Sale, and sold the majority in one day. I also took loads of stuff to a local resale shop, and gave a few things away as well. There are a few random things left online, and you can visit the shop here. The shop has been updated to match the new look of the blog, and I think it’s about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

All that organizing and tidying prompted some shifting of accessories around the house. I took some photos to share, and to test out my new camera. My son keeps telling me I need to learn how to edit, so I am attempting to do that.

The Dining Room


The Living Room


The Office


Master Bedroom




Family Room


Tucker has the worst allergies! He itches so much. He gets a shot, and takes meds and has literally tried everything. Poor baby. He is getting old, but he still looks like a puppy, doesn’t he?