Painted pumpkins have been all the rage for a few years now, and I love to see new renditions each year from different artists. This is a painting from Jeanne McKay Harmann, a longtime favorite blogger and artist. I’ve saved this gorgeous painting of hers for years, and posted it more than one October on instagram. The blue and orange together are perfection.


Here are some cute painted blue and white pumpkins from Baker Tatum’s Instagram account


How about these gorgeous pumpkins from @kellymasonbrookedesigns ~ Blue and white is a common theme, but love the Rose medallion!

And here are a few from Indigo Home. Dana also paints the pet bowls in my shop. I adore her. She has been featured in Town & Country and is praised regularly on instagram by Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm fame.

These are from my friend over at Giddy Paperie. Leslie is such a talented artist. We connected when my parents lived in Winter Park, FL. Here are a few of her painted pumpkins… I fell in love with the green fern!

These darling pumpkins were recently posted on @katiehermanart ‘s instagram account… LOVE!


Here are a few painted pumpkins from another new discovery, What Pippa Wants. She does both blue and white as well as floral. And her florals are amazing!

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 7.19.30 PM.png

I think she is fantastic! Here are my favorites, and I’m so excited to have several of these designs coming soon to the shop!!


If you have to have one (or two) please message me, and we’ll hold for you. They should arrive the first week of October. There will be a limited supply, and they will go fast!

Can’t believe I’m posting about pumpkins. Fall is here, and I’m loving it.